Shoulder Exercises to do at Home

January 29, 2021
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Shoulder Exercises

While cycling during weekly workouts, it is easy to fall in the similar strength-training regimen of glutes, abs, arms repeat. However, now that there is work from home in Gurgaon and worldwide, one part of the body should be provided extra care: the shoulders. 

Performing shoulder exercises at home is essential for having a strong posture all the time. Along with posture, shoulder exercises provide other benefits like:

  • Strengthen shoulder muscles and joints
  • Improve functional movements, like reaching high places and lifting things
  • Improve the shoulders range of motion and reduce tension in the muscles

You must consult an orthopedic doctor in Gurgaon if you are having severe shoulder pain. Nevertheless, there are some shoulder exercises that one can perform to strengthen and improve shoulder muscles and joints

1. Arm circles

Arm circles
  • Stand with feet and arms wide apart, lift the arms out to either side and create a capital “T.” 
  • Move them in forwarding circles for thirty to sixty seconds, and then do a similar thing in reverse. 

Try playing with the circles’ size and speed to make it more challenging, grab a set of weights, and hold one in either hand.

2. Pike push-ups

Pike push-ups
  • Place the hands underneath the shoulders, the way it is done for a regular push-up.
  • Walk the feet forward so that the hips are lifted into the air, making an upside-down V (otherwise called a “pike position”). 
  • Bend the elbows so that the chest nearly touches the floor, and then straighten the arms to push back up to begin. 
  • To make the move even difficult, place the feet on a chair’s seat.

3. Handstand wall walk and holds

Handstand wall walk and holds

Place the hands on the ground and walk with the feet up the wall for a supported handstand. 

Hold for twenty to thirty seconds. One can increase the time as they become stronger. To make things more challenging, try a handstand push-up.

4. Pike hold

  • Place the hands on the ground and walk with the feet halfway up the wall to make an “L” shape with the body (the legs should be parallel to the floor). 
  • Aim to hold for thirty seconds, and one will feel their abs and shoulders light up.

5. Lateral raises

Lateral raises
  • Use a set of weights (or any household item), hold one in either hand. 
  • Stand straight up with a slight hinge forward, raise the arms to shoulder height, hold for some time, and then slowly lower down. 
  • Engage the core to reap the full benefits of the move.

6. Lateral lunge to overhead press

Lateral lunge to overhead press
  • With a weight in each hand, stand up straight with arms extended toward the sky. 
  • Bend the right leg in a lateral lunge and bring the right hand to the shoulder while keeping the left arm straight up. 
  • Switch sides, changing between presses and lunges.

7. Planks

  • Planks are known for working the core, but it can strengthen the shoulders, too. 
  • Try to hold a high plank for one minute and then perform the same on either side. 
  • Ensure to keep the core tight and the shoulders stacked directly over the wrists.

8. Push-up plank with shoulder tap

Push-up plank with shoulder tap

This three-for-one move works the chest, core, and shoulders. 

  • Beginning in a high plank position with the arms straight and core tight. 
  • Bend the elbows to lower down into a traditional push-up. 
  • Straighten the arms to return to start, then tap each shoulder one at a time with the opposite hand (ensure to keep the hips square and avoid rocking back and forth). 

9. Seated shoulder presses

Seated shoulder presses
  • Sit down with the core tight and shoulders back and keep weight in each hand at the shoulders. 
  • Press the weights from shoulder level straight up over the head, bringing them almost to the touch, then lower. 
  • One can start with lighter weights, then opt for something heavier as they become strong.

10. Dolphin dive 

Dolphin dive
  • Start this exercise on the toes and forearms. The feet should be walked in a few inches from the typical plank position so that the hips are raised in the air and make a triangle shape with the floor.
  • Dive forward with the body until it becomes a forearm plank position. The shoulders should move forward while returning to a straight line. Remember to keep the abdominal muscles contracted.
  • Then, come to the beginning position and repeat.

Performing these shoulder exercises can help a person get their muscles and joints relaxed. If one has shoulder pain or any other discomfort in their shoulders, they should consult an orthopedic doctor.

Dr. Ratnav Ratan
Dr. Ratnav Ratan
Pediatric Orthopedist and Sports Medicine specialist​

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